ECGC - European Career Guidance Certificate


The project started on November 1st 2007 and ended October 31st 2009.
The Website has been updated on an ongoing process throughout the project.


Reasons behind the project:

1.    Only some of the project partner countries offer specific training for guidance counsellors. However, many of these courses are not officially certified; none of the existing certificates are standardised or comparable with other national or international certificates with regards to contents, aims or quality.

2.    All existing qualifications necessitate the undertaking of a course with compulsory attendance. A lot of career guidance counsellors do not have the oppotunity to undertake such training courses due to lack of time/finances, geographical disadvantage etc.)

3.    No certification system exists for career guidance counsellors who do not want to undetake a course as they have years of job experience and the required knowledge/skills/competences. However, there are many people who would like to have their competences recognised and get a certificate (i.e. get their non-formally trained knowledge/skills/competences officially certified).


Main aims and objectives:

To develop a standardised and internationally transferable certification system (“ECGC-certificate”) to acknowledge formally or non-formally acquired knowledge/skills/competences of career guidance counsellors that is compatible with existing training offers.

To attain the ECGC-exam/certificate attendance of a course is not required– the candidates can decide themselves how to prepare for the exam/certificate depending on their existing knowledge/skills/competences. ECGC is developed upon the basis of the MEVOC competence standards for career guidance counsellors (


Characteristics of the partnership:

As this project builds on the results of two previous projects, i.e. MEVOC and ICT-SKILLS FOR GUIDANCE COUNSELLORS, the main actors of the two projects are involved in ECGC. Additionally new project partners are involved as the MEVOC and the ECGC products will be transferred to three new countries. Moreover, new partner countries are involved where the ECGC-products are needed.


General description of the tangible and intangible outcomes - 3 products developed:

1.  Transfer of the MEVOC-standards into the standardised ECGC-exam: Development of exam questions package and instructions for examiners. The ECGC-exam will be offered to career guidance counsellors and will be completed with the officially accepted ECGC-certificate.

2.  Transfer of the MEVOC-standards into a praxis-oriented exam preparation package for ECGC exam-takers to prepare for the exam individually.

3.  A strategy paper with suggestions on the legal regulation of the profession career guidance counsellor in European countries that have no legal regulation so far – on the basis of the European best practice country Switzerland (this step also includes an updated overview on the European career guidance systems), involving stakeholders, decision makers and experts representing the target group.




ECGC is a step towards reaching the aim of the European Lifelong-Learning strategy and the professionalisation of the career guidance sector on a national and international basis.