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How were the final standards developed?

After developing the full version of the MEVOC quality standards the partnership conducted an international Delphi expert survey in all project partner countries ( Austria , Germany , UK , Netherlands , Romania , Poland ) in order to empirically evaluate the standards. The study included 127 experts of the vocational and career guidance sector who replied to a quantitative and qualitative questionnaire in written form. They were asked to indicate whether each individual quality standard was „highly required in practice“, „medium required in practice“ or „not required in practice“ according to their experience. Furthermore they were asked to add missing standards.

The results of the Delphi survey led to the decision that a “reduced” version of the standards should be developed including only the most important standards. The partners identified those standards that were regarded as “highly required” by at least 75% of all respondents and added several other standards that had not reached the 75% benchmark but were still regarded as highly important in practice by the MEVOC expert team. The “reduced” MEVOC standards consist of four competence categories, i.e. “Education and Career”, “Counselling Practice”, “Personality” and “ICT Skills”. These divide into 12 standards that again consist of 35 required competences as shown below.